Monday, March 1, 2010

Two More Swaps

Phew! I signed up for two more swaps today - one's confirmed. The first, and confirmed one, is the 2nd Annual Nancy Drew Swap.

I have a plan for what to send for that swap as a main item - anything extra will have to wait until I read the story again. The second is the Cookbook Swap.

Since Tom is so picky with what he eats, I think that getting new cookbooks would be a good way to change up his menu.
On another note (Tweet!) I received my forth tag in the International Tag Swap. This one was from Faith in New Zealand. I just love the ribbons she attached to it, and the butterfly was a nice touch. I'm feeling really insignificant with what I sent out, but I liked them when I sent them out. Oh, well. I'll learn eventually.

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