Monday, July 19, 2010

Egypt Tags

Today's mail brought me a double bundle of joy. First was Bianca's tags. They are really cute, and for a sneak peek, click here. She also included a little wooden box filled with buttons and trims.

Thank you, Bianca!
I also recived a special package from Jane. She did the tags for England, and had the good fortune of happening upon a bunch of stickers with a travel theme to them. She asked if I'd like to include them with the tag books, and I said sure. Now, they're a wonderful addition to the stuff I'll be including with the tag books. I can only hope that all of that stuff will fit into a small flat rate box (the tag books seem to be a little bit too large right now, but if I squish them...)

Thank you, Jane!

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Michelle said...

I'm getting excited. Can't wait!!! Again, thanks for hosting such a neat swap!