Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July

Today's parade was in Havre de Grace, and like yesterday's parades, it was a hot one. I always like this one more because I get to see people I know along the parade route. We did have a little fun before the parade began. Staged right across the street from us was the "float" for The Towne Pub & Restaurant in Aberdeen, advertising Stella's Cove. They had a DJ who was playing music, and when he played "The Cupid Shuffle" a whole bunch of band people jumped into the street and started to dance along with them.

The street party continued until the band had to step off, but what a great way to pass the time!
After the parade finished up, and I completed the work I had to do at Huber, I went to Mel's for her 4th of July gathering.

We ate crabs, drank some alcohol, walked on the promenade, and just hung out until the fireworks show. A bunch of other people from the Tidewater (past and present) showed up, and it was great to hang out with them away from work.

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