Friday, July 16, 2010

Sentimental Sachet Swap Story

So, the co-hostesses of the Sentimental Sachet Swap sent out a story to help provide inspiration for our sachets. It was really cute, printed out on old ledger paper. Here is the story:
It was the fall of 1924 and Ruthie was all set to board the Dixie Flyer from Chicago back to her hometown of Willacoochee, Georgia for a visit. It had been 3 years since she had seen her family. Her departure from home had been a bit scandalous in that she ran off to marry Elmer, the love of her life, as he finished fighting in the war in the South. Mama and Daddy would've loved to have given her a proper wedding, but they also understood the passionate love Ruthie and Elmer had for one another and how they couldn't bear to be apart once it had been discovered. Now that 3 years had passed, all hard feelings had diminshed and all were eager to see one another and get reaquainted once again. Ruthie's heart swelled with anticipation. For months she had been working on gifts for her grandmother, Mama, her sissies and her cousins...sweet sachets made of the finest materials from special linens, hankies and doilies, filled to the brim with the fragrances of her and her sweetheart's botanical garden. Each sachet had been lovingly made, personalized and embellished for each one. She knew tham all so well ~ their favorite colors and scents. Ruthie had even wrapped each one with her loves in mind using their favorite colors and things as themes. The evening before her departure she packaged them ever so carefully in her big, black trunk.
It was now time to travel and her beloved Elmer was with her at the train station awaiting the slowly approaching train. Ruthie and Elmer had arrived in Chicago from this very same train just three years before. This would be their first time apart since then. As excited as Ruthie was to see her family, she was equally saddened to be leaving her beloved Elmer. With tears in her eyes, Ruthie took her place in line to board. She was traveling with her big, heavy trunk, her train case, and her hat box, not to mention her pocket book. Unfortunately, all but Ruthie's pocketbook and one other belonging had to travel in the baggage car, not in the sleeper car with her. Ruthie had no choice but to keep her train case with her as it contained the provisions she would need for the next two days of travel. She and Elmer bid one another farewell and she waved, with her hankie in hand, sadly and sweetly, as the train departed with the woo-woo sound of the whistle and a plume of big, black, billowing smoke...Elmer stood at the tracks and watched and watched and watched...until the track was once again empty.
After traveling out of the city and soaking up a few hours of majestic countryside with beautiful evening light, Ruthie got relaxed and was able to fall asleep. The train continued on its southward journey well into the night. Some loud banging and thumping awakened a number of the passengers but no one could quite identify the sound and after briefly waking, each soon fell back to sleep. After two days of travel, the train was nearing Willacoochee. The passengers were a bit weary after having been containd for so long. Ruthie's enthusiasm at seeing her loved ones quickly awakened and refreshed her. By the time the train had come to a complete stop, she spotted Daddy in the distance waiting to greet her. He was smiling his big smile and enveloped her with the biggest, strongest hug. She had sure missed her Daddy's hugs.
A commotion greeted them as they approached the baggage car. The baggage car that had been nearly full at the time of their dseparture from Chicago was now nearly empty. It seems taht the latched were not properly fastened at departure time and the baggage was jostled and tossed about and discharged from the train! Including Ruthie's big, black trunk! Her heart sunk to the bottom of her chest, then on to the bottom of her feet. Ruthie nearly passed out from the disappointment. The train personnel promised a full investigation and recovery efforts for the missing baggage. Over the following weeks a number of the bags were located, but not Ruthie's...not until now...some 80 years later! And guess what girls? Your sachets have been discovered in Ruthie's trunk! Each lovely one waiting to be identified and opened by its proped recipient...each one personalized for each of you based on you favorite colors and things and likes...........join us in Omaha to both deliver and discove your vintage treasures!
This story is reproduced without Susie or Lisa's permission (please forgive me ladies), but, as with most things, I will need help from Wanda, and this is the easiest was for her to "know the story."

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