Thursday, May 21, 2015

GER Day 10

Today was a stay-at-home day. The parents were exhausted from yesterday's excursions, so we just relaxed. But, Dad wasn't too tired to go Geocaching. He finally signed up for his own Geocaching account, so we went up to the multi-cache that the whole family participated in so that he could sign the log. Then, it was on to the next!

I took Dad to the location of the cache that I couldn't find several days ago, and he wanted to search some more, but after a good amount of time, he agreed that it couldn't be found. We then headed to the next location, which we were able to log successfully.

Weidener Ehrentafel: Das alte Wasserrad

Afterwards, we worked on the cache that was just down the street from Wanda's house. It was a little tricky to decipher, but Dad had the best idea, which eventually led to it's discovery. I'm glad we found it, it would probably have bugged me for a long time - it being so close, yet so far away.

Katrins Geburtstagscache

Part 1

Part 2

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