Monday, May 18, 2015

GER Day 7

With an early start today, we headed to Rothenburg ob der Tauber. We’d gone last year, but Donnie wanted to see it, so why not? We walked around the outside walls of the city, then stopped at a bridge to search for a Geocache, and were unsuccessful.

Then we went inside the city, climbed some stairs and walked around the inside of the walls for a distance. We came to an area that was supposed to have a Geocache, so I searched there, and was unsuccessful, yet again! I think I should have searched up higher, now that I realize that the name of the cache may have been a clue.

We gave up, and went our separate ways - Donnie to photograph, me to Geocache, and Mom and Dad to do whatever they pleased. I visited the site of the Earthcache, located the site for a second cache (but there was a random dude hanging around, so I had to abort), and then attempted to do the Webcam cache - which I think I did wrong. I was there, I followed the directions, but I didn’t realize that I needed to get a screenshot of the Webcam feed to get credit for that one. Oh well, live and learn.

On the way back to the car, I detoured to the site I found earlier and was actually able to locate a Geocache! What a relief, that I’ll finally have another one to log. I even picked up a trackable, a German Flag Geocoin which I’ll bring home with me a drop in the TB Hotel on Route 40.

We left Rothenburg, and continued on to Bad Windsheim, where we visited the Fränkisches Freilandmuseum. It’s an open air museum exhibiting traditional buildings from rural and small-town Franconia. They showed the way people lived in different time periods.

After that, we were homeward bound, and there we stayed.

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