Wednesday, May 20, 2015

GER Day 9

Today was a long, but rewarding day! It started out at the Bastei Bridge near Dresden.

The views were absolutely breath-taking. While there, Dad and I found a Geocache in the Naturepark, and we set ourselves up to claim an Earthcache. These got us the Sachsen Geocaching souvenir.

Then, it was off the Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic. They are noted for their spas and mineral water springs. We started off by taking the funicular up the mountain to see the city from the Diana Lookout. Then we took a leisurely stroll, trying to find as many of the mineral springs as we could. These are a few that we found.

We even found a Geocache, and are primed to claim an Earthcache! So, we were able to claim the Czech Republic Geocaching souvenir.

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