Sunday, May 17, 2015

GER Day 6

Today was a day that I’ve been looking forward to since last year - the 5th Annual Bratwurst Summit! Mom, Dad, Donnie and I went to Pegnitz to enjoy some bratwurst.

We had a plan so that we could try out more bratwurst - don’t eat the bread. It worked out for the most part - we tasted 11 different bratwursts:

  1. “Walpurgis” Bratwurst (Wildschwein, Walnüsse und Preiselbeeren) (Boar, Walnut and Cranberries)
  2. Hoinka’s BIO Griller mit frischen Krautern (with fresh herbs)
  3. Suß/Saure-Curry-Mango Bratwurst (Sweet/Sour-Curry-Mango)
  4. Bratwurst-Grissini mit Spargelsenf (Bratwurst breadsticks with asparagus mustard)
  5. Frankische Bratwurst im Brötchen
  6. “Feige Wurst” im Brötchen (“Fig Sausage” with wild herbs, savory bergbauer cheese and smoked pork belly)
  7. Gyros-Bratwurst mit Knoblauchsoße (with garlic sauce)
  8. Bratwurst mit Fenchel und Chili (with fennel and chili)
  9. Apfel-Röstzwiebel-Bratwurst (apple-roasted onion)
  10. Die FeiGoud Bradworschd (Schäuferla fleisch im weggla mit kloß, blaukraut u. krüstla) (pork shoulder in Weggla with dumpling, red cabbage and Krüstla)
  11. Schaschlik-Bratwurst mit Raucherbauch, Zwiebein, Schaschlikosse… (with smoked bacon, onions, )
They were all delicious, but my favorite was #7. We even searched for a Geocache while we were in Pegnitz. Eagle-eyed Dad was the first to put eyes on it, but there were too many people around to grab it, so I had to let another one fall through my fingers.

Afterwards, we headed back to Kemnath so that Donnie could take the Carp Tour. It was a really nice walk, and he seemed to enjoy it.
Upon returning home, I went searching for another Geocache in the Pressather Wald. After a half hour walk there, and a good half hour of searching and finding nothing, I headed back to Wanda’s. Only later did I found out that nobody’s found that one since early April, and the owner hasn’t been back to provide maintenance. What a waste of time! I should have gone to my second choice - the Water Wheel!

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