Wednesday, May 13, 2015

GER Day 2

Today, we went to the German Museum Mödlareuth (aka Little Berlin) and Hof’s Botanical Gardens. The Museum in Mödlareuth had a video to watch, describing the way that the Wall split the town in two, and some of the history from that time. There was also a building filled with period vehicles, and an open air exhibit of some of the defenses at or near the Wall, as well as a portion of the Wall that is still standing.

On the way back to Weiden, we decided to stop in Hof and visit the Botanical Garden there. It was beautiful. Even though it was small, the weather was perfect, the birds were singing, and the water in the springs was gurgling.

When we got back, I took Dodo to the corner down the street in an attempt to decipher a nearby multi-cache. We saw the name on the street sign, but couldn’t figure out what to do with the numbers we came up with. Maybe with a little bit more thought…

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