Wednesday, July 1, 2015

2015 2nd Quarter Update

Did you forget about my New Year's resolutions? I haven't, here's how they're going:
  1. Lose Weight/Eat Healthier - This quarter, I gained 0.5 pounds. This goal has been difficult. I thought that I had been eating healthier, but losing the weight must have taken a little bit more effort last year. I'm just going to have to buckle down and try harder.
  2. Try 52 New Recipes - The weather's getting nicer and things at the restaurant are picking up, so I have less free time. Due to that fact, I've only been able to try 7 new recipes this quarter. That's a total of 35 so far this year. Overall, because of the previous quarter's efforts, I'm ahead of the game.
  3. "Read" 42 Books - Finding time to read has been difficult with the restaurant being busier, so I've ended up "reading" 4 more books so far, for a total of 9. I think part of this is also due to the fact that the library moved to a new location - they tore down the old building and are building a bigger, newer one. That means it's not on my way to work anymore - out of sight, out of mind. That doesn't explain my lack of audiobooks, though, which I can "check out" on-line.
  4. Learn How to Knit - Well, after my stellar start, my progress has come to a grinding halt. After completing over half of the scarf in the first quarter, I only knitted 5 rows this quarter. I'm still ahead of target, since I only expected to have a third of the scarf completed by now, but at this rate I will not finish it by Christmas.
Who would have thought that my update would be this promising? I mean, being ahead of target on two resolutions is great - for me. Just be warned, my next update will probably be much more dismal - it'll be summertime, and we're extremely busy at the restaurant, so I'll have almost no free time.

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