Tuesday, July 14, 2015

IFT - Day 3

Today ended up quite different than expected. It started out well - checking out of the hotel, meeting Steve and Julia from D&F Distributing and exchanging name badges so that they could get on the Expo floor early for a meeting, hanging out at the booth with the Sales and Marketing team, getting to O'Hare and catching my flight to Cincinnati. That's where it all fell apart. My flight to Baltimore was cancelled, there were no flights available until the following evening AND there were no hotel rooms available because of the All-Star game. So, I spent the night in the airport. It wasn't a horrible experience. I finished reading the book that I'd been working on ("Monk's Hood" by Ellis Peters) and I was able to grab a bite to eat at the Outback in the terminal. The restroom was nearby, there was good water to drink, and luckily, Delta provided cots, blankets and pillows.

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