Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Loooong Day

Today was a long day. It started when the day started - some of the girls from the Tidewater were supposed to get together for a midnight screening of "Twilight." We got out of work early and did a little barhopping, waiting for the call that Julia was able to get the DVD. Around 1:15, I decided that it was getting to be too late, so I bowed out and went home.
After getting home and writing yesterday's blog entry, I went to bed, only to get up around 8 to take pictures of items for Wanda's and my new Etsy shop, Ostentation. It's the super secret project that we've been working on. Wanda already has a shop, The Rat's Pajamas, but she sells supplies and vintage items there. Our collective shop is for handmade items. Then I had to edit the photos, and figure out how to post the items. It seemed pretty simple, but it took time to learn. I finished up around 11, and luckily, Tom was tired, too, so we took a two hour power nap.
After the nap, and a quick lunch, it was on to yard work. We finished transplanting the bushes from the front bed. These we just moved around to in front of the garage windows. Then we shoveled up all of the old mulch that was in the bed. We finished up around 7:30, and boy, was I cold and sore!

On a final note, I received mail from one of my Spring Haiku partners. Nathalie M from California sent two haikus, presented as ATCs.
Waiting for Spring

In my breast, my heart
Trembles at the thought of spring;
Small buds awaken.

Early Spring

Blustery cold wind
Blowing billowing storm clouds
Knife cutting through me

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