Saturday, March 14, 2009

Will the Yard Work Ever End?

Today, Tom and I did so much yard work, it hurt. It may have been nicer if the weather would have been better, but it was chilly and overcast, and eventually we were working in a light mist of rain.
Despite the weather conditions, we accomplished a lot. Tom started by digging holes for bushes to be transplanted into while I took the sod and knocked the topsoil off of it. Then, I went to work trying to get all of the weeds out of the bed in the front of the house while Tom dug up the first bush. What a nightmare! The bush felt like it weighed a ton, and we had to use the lawn tractor to pull the bush to it's new location. After planting the first bush at the corner of the house, I went back to weeding, while Tom deepened the other holes. We transplanted five azalea plants by the time it started to mist, then came back to the front to remove the landscaping paper that Tom had put down in that bed many years ago. That, in itself was an accomplishment, since roots from some of the bushes had grown into the paper, and the bushes had grown around it in some areas.

Bush Transplanted at Corner
Azaleas Transplanted Near Welled Exit

Azaleas Transplanted Near Septic Tank

Later, after a nice, hot shower and dinner, I worked on my Spring Haiku Swap project. I had come up with the haiku a couple of weeks ago, but put it on ATC's tonight. Without further ado, here is my Spring Haiku:
Flying through the sky
Birds chirping their lovely song
Spring is in the air.

My Spring Haiku ATC's

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