Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hunt for Easter Eggs Here!

I had a lot of fun creating my Easter Eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt Swap. Ever since I was a little girl, I've loved the sugar eggs that had the scenes inside of them, and I would try to do the same thing with origami balloons - draw inside of them, then enlarge the hole you blew into to inflate them, so that you could see the scene inside. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to try my hand at making this type of egg. I hope that the recipients of these eggs love them as much as I do! The pictures of the eggs I made are below. Did you get one of them? If not, then click here to return to Vivian's website and choose a new blog to visit in your hunt!

It looks like Cindy O received this egg!

These are the eggs that I received. I think that they're both adorable, and can't wait to find out who created them!

After returning home from work this evening, I learned that Christine E made this delightful egg!

A-Ha! Late last night I discovered that Malissa M made this adorable egg.


vivian said...

HI Wendy! they eggs you created are beautiful! thank you for joining the swap! I'm glad you joined and hope you had fun!!
your are very talented!

AwtemNymf said...

Awwww- the eggs you created are darling! The ones you in return are sweet too! Wasn't this a fun swap?! I'm looking to see who got mine and whose I got. I'm having fun hopping along! So if you see faerie dust- I've been by *winks* Have a great weekend!

kana said...

I love the eggs you made, very creative and beautiful!

Little Lovables said...

I love the inside scenes as well, you did an amazing job, just gorgeous! And what sweet eggs you got in return too!

Stefanie said...

Love the eggs you made for the swap.
The inside is lovely!

Happy Hoppy Sunday!

Puddle of Grace said...

Wow... gorgeous eggs! You got some fun ones too!!!

Folksie Linda said...

Hi Wendy, The eggs you created are wonderful and you received adorable eggs too.. one of them i received too but haven't found from who yet..i'm on my way hopping along the blog trail to see the rest of the eggs.. hope you are having fun today too! Hugs, Linda

Julie said...

The eggs you made are beautiful...I love the butterfly and all the trims and whimsical touches...The eggs you got are precious...What a wonderful afternoon it has been...Julie

Christine Edwards said...

Wendy, I'm glad you like the egg. It seems we both had the same inspiration. Yours turned out spectacular! It's been a lot of fun hopping around hunting down eggs.

Leslie said...

Beautiful! I love the scenes inside and the ones you recieved are beautiful and creative too!

Hoppy Easter, Leslie

Staffordshire Garden said...

I love the eggs you have created , they are lovely! The ones you received are adorable as well . Looks like it was a fun swap.

Thimbleprims Studio said...

Wow, Wendy!
I DID receive one of the eggs you made, the one with the lavender butterfly on it. I LOVE it! You did an awesome job on the eggs you made.
Cindy~Thimbleprims Studio

Malissa said...

I'm a bit late blog hopping, but I'm still enjoying getting to see all of the cute eggs and all of the wonderful blogs out there! Your eggs are adorable and I see you got one of my polka dotted eggs!