Saturday, April 4, 2009

Property Line

So, today, I spent way too much time working out what to do with landscaping the property line. Last night, a BMW showed up in our driveway, and I found out today that the car selling thing that Tom has been planning with his Russian friend's father is actually happening. He also let me know that all of the plants that have been showing up over the past few weeks were paid for with the money that he's already been paid for his part in the deal. So, now I don't have to worry about how all of these plants are being paid for. Anyway.

So, this is the plan I came up with. Different colors, different seasons, different species - and the shape makes Tom happy. I had to redo my original plan after he let me know some important information. We also planned for other trees and shrubs around the house and in the yard. I finally got visibly burned out on the subject about a half hour ago, so we stopped talking about it. I really wish he would have let this be a several year project, instead of a one spring project, but he said that since we haven't done any landscaping in the five years we've lived here, it's time. The thing is, I need more time to do it. To try to cram in so much stuff into the tiny planting season we have, and with me having only one day off a week - which I would love to have for other obligations - is just too much. I just feel like it's Tom's world, and I'm just living in it :-( Now, tomorrow's wasted, too, since I'm working the breakfast/lunch shift at the restaurant, and then I'm hostessing until 7. Sometimes, I just want to cry...

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