Saturday, April 11, 2009

Today's Yard Work

Well, today, I had a relatively easy day of yard work. It started out with loading up the hose into the cart, hitching the cart onto the lawn tractor, and running down the property line, watering plants as I went. The remaining plants around the house came next, with the plants down the woodline completing that task. They were a little bit more difficult, seeing how I couldn't drag the hose that far, so I had buckets filled with water in the cart. After laying the hose out on the driveway, I went around and marked with orange spray paint the location for holes to be dug in the grass for potential plantings. Tom had put together a piece of rebar with a string attached to it, and a garden tool on the other end of the string, so that all of the holes would be the same size - quite ingenius!

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