Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Band Recording

Band was interesting tonight. Some time last year, director Barry Levinson came to the band and recorded some footage of us for a film about the history of the band. At least, I think that's what the film will be about. It might be about the Baltimore Colts leaving town, and how the band stuck around without them, but either way, it's band related. Tonight we recorded the Baltimore Colts Fight Song for the film. We recorded three different versions: a regular version, a slow version (like a funeral dirge), and a version that you might be able to hear me in. In that version, the Pep Band played for the first time through the piece, with the rest of the band coming in the second time through. It starts off with one trumpet, adding one sousaphone, then a snare drum. Next, four woodwinds come in - me, two clarinets, and a piccolo. The rest of the Pep Band comes in after that. It's pretty cool, and sounds really neat. The only thing I had a problem with, and this may seem petty, but the piccolo player that was playing isn't in the Pep Band. It bothers me that she participated in the recording like that, but doesn't put the time in with the commitments that the Pep Band has to make. Oh, well, who really knows, or cares, besides me.

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