Saturday, May 16, 2009

Brian and Heather's Wedding

Do I know Brian and Heather? No. Did I help out Martina with the catering aspect of their wedding? Yes.
Today was completely filled. Last night, I had offered to Mike, a co-worker at Tidewater, that I'd come in for him at 7, if he'd come in around 9 - so that I could head to Huber for work. After he agreed, we joked around, and I reneged. Then I left to take another co-worker home. On the way, I wasn't sure if Mike still expected me to work for him - so, after getting home after 2 am, I got up around 6 to be at the Tidewater at 7. Apparently, Mike was also unclear on whether or not I was still coming in for him, so he had shown up anyway. This meant that I could head to Huber earlier than expected to work my weekend shift, and maybe get a nap before heading out to the catering gig.
After showing up at Tidewater, I worked at Huber for around three hours, then went home, and didn't have time for a nap. Later, I went to the catering gig, and had a really nice time seeing Martina and her family, and catching up with Brenda. I probably spent more time than necessary with Brenda, but to me, it was worth it! We drank and chatted all night! We even walked away with some table decorations!

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