Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Tree Grows in Maryland

It felt good to get at least one done. Tonight, after returning home from work and a shopping trip to Weis and Wal-Mart, Tom and I planted one of our trees. We talked when I was leaving the restaurant, and he expressed concern about the magnolias dropping their leaves. I mentioned that if it was still light after my shopping trip, we should plant something. And we did. We only had enough time to plant one, and it started to rain as we were finishing up. With the forecast calling for rain for several more days, it's the only one that will get planted for a while.
On a less pleasant note, Dolly (Tom's sister) called to let him know that she was in the hospital and having surgery in the morning - hip replacement, or something like that. She broke it while walking to the courthouse, and didn't follow the doctor's orders, so it's worse than it should have been. Hopefully, all will go well.
And on a more pleasant note, I was checking out Facebook, and got the general idea, which was then verified by Tom, that Tammy (Tom's daughter) is pregnant. I'm not sure how far along she is, but she's been trying for a while. Congratulations to Tammy and Chad!

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