Sunday, May 10, 2009

Two Trees and a Plant

When I got home from work tonight, Tom and I planted two Dwarf Alberta Spruces and a Japanese Pieris. I left work around 6 pm, and that's all we had time for - it was dark when we finished. This past week has been filled with rain, so it was nice to have weather that cooperated.
When I came in, I saw that the Penguins were playing, so I watched hockey while making dinner. Woo hoo - they won in overtime! Only one more win, and they play for the Stanley Cup - good luck, team!
And Mom, I'd like to be the first of us kids to officially wish you Happy Mother's Day! As usual, the card will be late, but it's on the way! I love you, and I'll think about you while I'm at work tomorrow.

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