Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another Purchase, or Two

Today I made a few on-line purchases. That's unusual for me, but they were both Silver Bella oriented, and would have happened eventually. I finally purchased my apron for the Silver Bella Vendor Night. I got it from Boojiboo on Etsy, and I think it will be adorable!

I also purchased two Silver Bella bracelets, one for me and one for Wanda. Wanda bought me two charms at last year's Silver Bella, and I think they'll look wonderful attached to this bracelet.

We will, of course, have W's on the charms, instead of the N shown.

Tonight, I also worked a party on the porch, a rehearsal dinner I think. They brought in their own centerpieces and linens for the tables, so I thought I'd share how nicely it turned out.

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