Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bare Bones

I finally finished reading "Bare Bones," by Kathy Reichs, today. It's taken a while, but not because it wasn't interesting, just because I got sidetracked on other books. I've read three of her other books, and I think this one will be the last - for a while, at least - they just get too convoluted. In the first three books I read, they start out with the main character working on one project/mystery. For whatever reason, she stumbles onto another mystery, and for the rest of the book, she goes back and forth between the two, finally solving both. My problem is that the whole time, I'm expecting a connection to pop up between the two mysteries. It usually doesn't, except in this last book. In this book, everything was connected in some way, shape, or fashion - like the whole six degrees of separation thing. The main character thinks everything is connected, but can't make things come together until the last couple of chapters in the book. I think I need my space from this author for a little while. This happened with me and Stephen King a while back - he just got too weird - but I think we're okay now.
Tonight, I got a lot accomplished for the Playing from A to Z Swap. I attached contrasting paper to the cards, little flowers, and completed half of the glittering I intend to do. Then, before bed, I opened the box from and unpacked my new Crop-a-Dile. It's been sitting on the counter for several days, and Tom finally asked me when I intended to open it. Then, I actually used it! Some time this past week, Tom was very kind and attempted to drill holes in the ears of my owls. Some of them were pretty rough, so I cleaned them up a bit with the Crop-a-Dile. It worked wonderfully!

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