Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ravens vs. Chiefs

Today was the home opener for the Ravens' 2009 season. It ended up well, with a 24-38 win against the Kansas City Chiefs. The game was a kind of roller coaster ride. The Ravens did well at first, then their performance fell off, then climbed back up towards the end. The Chiefs started off poorly, then through some lucky breaks, seemed to start to improve. Overall, it was a decent game with plenty of excitement, but I had a hard time concentrating on the game in the fourth quarter - maybe since yesterday I worked from 7 am to 12:30 am at the restaurant, and had to be up at 6 this morning so I could leave in time to meet the buses!
Our pregame show went okay - not as well as during practice, but we try to be consistent. Unfortunately, I know that I messed up a little in the halftime show. We performed with a rock band, Nation's Band, and there were definitely some phasing issues in the second of the three songs. The first and last songs, "Respect" and "Play that Funky Music," went well, but somehow "Brickhouse" was off. I ended the song a measure or two too early, and a good portion of the band around me did, too. But even though the drum major kept signalling that something was amiss, I couldn't hear what was wrong, since everyone around me was keeping the same time. I can't put my finger on what happened, but I'm sure we'll hear about it at practice on Wednesday. Otherwise, it seemed to go okay, and I even heard applause from the audience a couple of times!

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