Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Baby Shower

Today, I worked a baby shower in the back room. It was an appetizer/sandwich party, and I just wanted to share pictures of the cake and decorations. The cake was done by Rita, who provides our desserts, and looked really great.

The ladies throwing the baby shower decorated the centers of the tables with these cute little dolls, which were actually rattles, and little pink toys - which included miniature rattles, diaper pins, and pacifiers.

Some of the games they played seemed really creative to me, but I don't go to many baby showers. One was where they melted different candy bars in diapers, and the guests had to guess what candy bar was in what diaper by look and smell. Another game had unlabeled jars of baby food that the party-goers had to identify, without opening the jars. There was also a game where sealed brown paper bags were passed around that had items in them, and the ladies had to guess what was in each bag, just by feeling it's shape through the bag. They also did the you-can't-say-the-word-baby game, or else you have to give up your little clothes pin to the person who caught you saying it (I said "baby" three times to one table before I was told they were playing that game). It seemed like a lot of fun.

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