Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Joli Paquet and Second Birthday ATC

So, I've joined another swap. It's Joli Paquet's 2009 Trick or Treat Swap. In this swap, we create/embellish a tote bag and fill it with Halloween goodies that our swap partner would enjoy. I think I'll like this swap. Last year at Silver Bella, Wanda took a class called "Prada Schmada" where they created a tote bag for themselves. After she told me how fun and easy it was, I considered doing one, myself. Now, I have an excuse to do it.
I also received my second Birthday ATC in the mail. I didn't expect to get another one so soon! This one is from Pippa in the UK. It looks like lace attached to fabric, but with some added touches. I love the colors on this one, too.

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