Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day After...

The day after Christmas was a lot more eventful than Christmas itself. Donnie and I went on our annual movie outing, and saw "Doubt." It was good, better than I expected. It was not a movie I would normally watch, but with the time constraints that I had, it was what would fit. Then I had to head out to a pep band gig.
The pep band played for the 1958 Colts Championship Gala. In reality, we set up outside of the stadium, at the entrance where people were lined up to get in to the festivities, and played music for them. It kind of sucked, since we had no knowledge of what was going on beforehand. It was also cold, and there was nowhere to take a potty break. I think I would have enjoyed myself more if I had known ahead of time what to expect.
Then, on the way home, I picked up dinner from Popeye's, and later that evening, we watched another DVD, "Charlie Wilson's War." That movie was better than I had expected, too.

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