Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ravens vs. Jaguars

Tonight's game against the Jacksonville Jaguars was an important one for us - it would determine whether or not the Ravens go to the playoffs this year. Fortunately, the Ravens won, 7-27. The game was pretty exciting because of how important it was. The team played well, and of course, the band was terrific. For halftime, all we did was march onto the field and form a "1958," because the halftime show was a tribute to the 1958 Baltimore Colts, today being the fifty year anniversary of "The Greatest Game Ever Played" - the championship game between the Colts and the New York Giants. That game brought football into the public eye like it had never been before, and boosted the sport's popularity considerably. As many survivors of that team as possible were present to be honored, and it was really quite touching to hear the cheers from the crowd for players like Art Donovan and Lenny Moore.

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