Monday, December 15, 2008

Ravens vs. Steelers

This is an old post from my old blog. I intend to transfer them all over to this one.

Wow, what a disappointing loss! Yesterday was the game that was supposed to push the Ravens higher up on the Playoff scale, but unfortunately, they didn't produce. Not that I mind completely, I'm a Steelers fan from way back. The only reason why I prefer the Ravens over the Steelers in a case such as this, is because if the Ravens were to go to the SuperBowl, there is a slight possibility of them taking the band with them. Either way, we lost 13-9. I'm not sure what that does for our chances at a Wild Card berth, but it can't be good. The band sounded good, though. Our halftime show consisted of School's Out and Mr. Roboto, and Poe (the Ravens mascot) marched out with the band in a band uniform. Too cute!

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