Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dad's Visiting!

I had received a phone call from Dad while in Ocean City, letting me know that he was coming to the area, and that he'd be staying over Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Day One of the visit has gone fairly well. It was raining most of the day, so when I got a phone call from the restaurant, asking me if I'd like to be cut for the night, I jumped on the offer. I then called Dad and Tom to let them know that I'd be off, and I went home and fixed dinner. While dinner was cooking, I started to talk to Dad a little bit about our financial situation, and then Tom came over and talked about it. We ate dinner, then watched the Penguins beat the skates off of the Red Wings. During the game, I worked on my charms for the Things with Wings Charm Swap, and feel good about the sense of accomplishment. After watching a little more TV, Tom went to bed. I stayed up a little bit longer, finishing up what I was doing, cleaning up, then I talked to Dad about the financial situation for another hour or so. It felt good to let Dad know about what's going on here, and I hope some of his questions were answered.

Sneak Peek - Part 1

And even though I forgot to call, Happy Birthday, Wanda!

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