Monday, June 8, 2009

KaBOOM Playground Build

Today's Pep Band gig was a long one, but fairly rewarding. We met early at Good Samaritan Hospital in Baltimore, and played for the children in the Day Care. Some of the children tried on uniforms, while everyone got to try the different instruments. Later, we had a little parade, with the musicians in front and the kids trailing behind. Shortly before 2 pm, cheerleaders arrived, and started to entertain the kids. Then, the players came in! Coach Harbough, Todd Heap, Joe Flacco, Kelly Gregg, Derrick Mason, and Jarret Johnson we among the few who represented the Ravens. We then went to lunch, while they entertained the kids. After lunch, Poe arrived. Around, 4:30, we headed out to the playground, and performed the Fight Song for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

The Playground Area - Before

The Playground Area - After

The Players, with the Kids

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