Friday, June 19, 2009

My Second Silver Bella Swap

After watching and waiting for what seemed like three whole hours - it only ended up being two hours and 45 minutes - I was lucky enough to sign up for this swap, my second for Silver Bella. I plan to sign up for one more, unless something else comes up that is new and unusual, and immediately inspires me.

"The Sweetest Thing" Recipe Swap

Swap Opening: Friday, June 19th, 8:00am CST

Hostess: Shea Fragoso and Deborah Murray

Email Address: sheafragoso@... and deborahmurray@...

Maximum number of participants: 20

Delivery deadline: To be mailed to hostesses prior to November.

Details: Let's channel our inner Sugarplum Fairies, and share recipes for our favorite decadent, treasured Holiday Desserts! 20 participants will each contribute two recipes, mounted back-to-back on a single sheet of chipboard, creating a keepsake collection of 40 delicious treats!! We encourage you to open the vault, and share grandmas famous secret recipe, or the one that you have kept successfully to yourself all these years. These are your Silver Bella Sisters, and they deserve to bake the very best!!! Using a format of 8" x 10", we will create recipe pages that will be sent in prior to November, and bound into a book and presented to the group at Silver Bella! Use the page background to decorate and/or tell the story of the origins of your offerings. Create a pocket on the page, (one on each side), and insert 4" x 6" cards of the actual recipes. We will laminate these removable cards for practicality, so that your book can remain out of harm's way! In order to achieve a fairly cohesive look, let's use a color palette of winter white/cream, gold, and silver with accents of chocolate brown. If you feel your page needs more of a "holiday look", please feel free to add touches of burgundy and forest green. As always, lots of sparkle and glitter is welcomed as we create pages to be treasured and visited again and again, year after year. A cherished memento of our time together at Silver Bella 2009!

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