Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Door Decorating 2014 - Part 3

Well, I'm pretty sure that I've completed decorating the door to my office. I did the bulk of it yesterday, but put a few finishing touches on it today. What do you think?

Okay, just in case you don't get it (and it seems like about half of my co-workers don't get it, either), it's the back of an AirStream camper or VW bus. I saw a similar idea on the internet, and thought that with the window and vent that needed to stay uncovered, it would be super fun! Just in case you can't read the bumper stickers, they say "I Brake for Reindeer," "North Pole or Bust," and "My Other Car is a Sleigh." And the license plate reads "3HOS" - for Ho! Ho! Ho! (get your minds out of the gutter).

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