Friday, January 16, 2009

Another Purple Friday

Tonight, the Pep Band had another gig for Purple Friday. It was at Power Plant Live. It was kind of crazy, since after the bus dropped off the cheerleaders, the band had to circle the block again and park around back. The bus pulled into an alleyway behind Port Discovery, and decided to turn around so that it could back in. The bus attempted a 57-point turn-around, where I was quite sure that we would crash through the wall and fall into the waterway right there next to the Jones Falls Expressway. We were attempting the turn way too close to a light post, and I think we ran over a tree. Eventually, the bus driver decided to back out of the alleyway, onto the one-way street, where some of the band members got out and stopped traffic (using glo-sticks), so that the bus could back in to the alley. Anyway, after all of that, we got off the bus, and rehearsed in below-freezing weather (at least it felt that way). We performed after the first band, and I have serious doubts about how good we sounded. I know for a fact that Corie and I both had spit-cicles coming out of our instruments, and Guppy told us that his spit valve had frozen shut. I know that when I pressed one of my seldom used keys, I could hear the key breaking away from the ice in my flute!

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