Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Pleasant Night Crafting

Tonight, I had off, and I spent that time finishing my Petite Inspiration Boxes and working on my "Little Token of Love" for Cindy.
For the Petite Inspiration Boxes, all I had to do was add trim to the edges. Wanda had sent me several varieties of gold trim, I found three that looked good, and went with them. I am quite pleased with how they turned out. I had filled the boxes this past weekend, so, as soon as I find shipping boxes, they're on their way.

Petite Inspiration Boxes - Final

Next, I worked on my "Little Token of Love" for Cindy. I'd found some fabric in colors she'd said she liked, and fashioned it into a heart, which I rimmed with lace and filled with potpourri. I went for, and hope I achieved, a country/vintage feel. Overall, I think my idea turned out well, but I'm afraid that since Cindy actually sells her work, the quality of mine will be below her standards. Or maybe I'm just being a little black raincloud...

My "Little Token of Love" for Cindy

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