Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day

Today was not very productive for me. All I did, before heading to work in the evening, was attempt to balance the checkbook, something I haven't done since April. Boy, was that a big snafu. Tom's been using the check card to make purchases, like gas, and hasn't been recording any of the purchases. So, I had to enter all of those, plus account for a dozen or so voided checks. I got 4 months done before going to work, and finished the rest when I got home.
But, there was some good news during the day. When I got to work, and turned in my receipts for the pasta selling contest that was held in December, I found out I'd won! I won dinner for two at Durango's in Aberdeen. In November, the contest was for selling bottles of wine, and Holly won. When she went to Durango's, she said it was a horrible experience, so I'm curious to see what my experience will bring.

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