Saturday, September 29, 2012

APG Oktoberfest Volksmarch

On Sunday, I was telling Tom about APG's Oktoberfest, and the activities that were planned for the event. When I mentioned the Volksmarch, he told me what it was, and talked about his prior experience participating in one. We thought it would be something fun to do together, so we registered for it.
I had a good time, despite some setbacks. Our day started by getting gas, then going to McDonald's for breakfast. We arrived on APG in time for the "safety briefing," and the start of the Volksmarch. Would you believe it, it was a 6 km course, and there were no port-o-potties along the course?
We started, and as we were walking down the first street, my left shoe started to give me a weird feeling. After a few minutes, I lifted up my boot (which was a steel-toe, over-the-ankle boot which I've had for maybe ten years), and noticed that the sole was falling off of the boot. I asked Tom to pull it off, and we continued to walk. After we crossed the street, my right shoe started to make the same squishy sounds and feelings, and after looking at the sole, it needed to be removed, too! After Tom pulled my second sole off, he offered for us to go back, but I said I would continue.
Our walk went well. Tom spent time talking to a medic and the Garrison Sergeant Major as they walked along with us. I can't tell you how much my feet hurt by the end of the walk, I could fell every stone I stepped on along the way. Now I know how the American Indians felt walking across the country in their mocassins!
At the end of the Volksmarch, we each received a pin with APG's Oktoberfest logo on it. I will wear it proudly, and if this event turns into a yearly one, I will gladly participate again.

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