Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ravens vs. Patriots

Well, the big screen says it all. It was a hard fought battle, but the Ravens pulled out a win over the New England Patriots, 30-31, by scoring a field goal in the last two seconds of the game.

Seriously though, even though it was a win for the Ravens, the game did not appear to be well played.
Regardless, the band played well, even though we had a rough rehearsal where things didn't seem to mesh and there were problems keeping the tempo. We payed tribute to Latin American month by first playing Johnny's Mambo as our pregame tune, and playing Santana tunes for halftime: Smooth, Evil Ways, and Everybody's Everything.
On a completely different note, today was Kayla's (a hostess at the Tidewater) birthday, and yesterday, Mel put together this cake for her.

You may have seen it's inspiration on Facebook, but Mel added her own twist, Kayla's friend, Rachel, is holding her hair while she's puking! What are friends for?

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