Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fremont Hall Catering Gig

Today, I helped out Martina with a wedding reception up in Newark, Delaware. It had a baseball theme, so the centerpiece we put together for the appetizer table had baseball gloves, baseballs, and beer coozies.

The centerpieces for each of the tables were these fun vases filled with what felt like bath beads and topped with a candle.

The cake was done in their colors - red for the Phillies and orange for the Orioles. The bride and groom on top are playing baseball.

It was great to get out and help out Martina, again. I haven't done a catering gig with her in a long time. Martina's parents were there, as well as Brenda (a former co-worker from the Tidewater), and Martina's usual girlfriends who assist with these gigs. I got to make some excellent ranch dip and dressing, as well as the salad. Good times, good food, good friends - that's what makes life grand.

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