Monday, September 10, 2012

Ravens vs. Bengals

Oh what a game! Exciting right from the start and the Ravens played really well throughout the entire game. They beat Cincinnati, 13-44, in the biggest blowout I've seen a long time.

Unfortunately, the band didn't perform as well. Our pregame show was fine, but during halftime, one of the songs fell apart about half way through. During "Swinging Doodle Dandy," a cut had been made in an awkward spot in the music, and I know that I was having trouble with the timing during rehearsal, but I thought I'd figured it out for performance. No such luck. Oh, well, how many people in the stadium actually pay attention to us, and would realize the mistake. Not many, I'm sure.

A couple of other neat things about this game: Michael Phelps was the honorary Captain of the Game (he ran out of the tunnel during introductions and participated in the coin toss), Maryland Olympians were honored, as well as the pilots and ground crew of the Warthogs for the flyover before the game, and about ten Orioles players were present in one of the club boxes (Cal Ripken, Jr and Matt Wieters being the only two names I remember).

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