Tuesday, October 27, 2009

AirTran Promotion

The few members of the Pep Band played for an AirTran promotion today. AirTran released a new member of their fleet, a Boeing 717 painted with the Ravens logo.

It was all in conjunction with Franklin Square Hospital, and there was a charity pull after the plane was presented - a bunch of people from the hospital grabbed a rope attached to the nose of the aircraft and pulled it for a distance. As a result, AirTran donated $10,000 to the hospital - for their pediatric wing, I believe. In addition to the Pep Band, there were cheerleaders, Poe, Dick Cass (the president of the Ravens), and Todd Heap - who is the spokesperson for AirTran and who is very active with the hospital's pediatric wing.
After the gig, we were allowed to wait in line to get autographs and/or pictures with Todd Heap. I got him to sign my baseball cap, but Margie got him to sign her piccolo, too. We told a few band members further down the line what we did, and a couple of them ran out to their cars - one grabbed her hat, the other grabbed his drum so that he could get the drum head signed. What fun!

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