Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Crafting Day

Today did not go quite as I expected it to. The band was supposed to participate in a Tournament of Bands in Glen Burnie, but we all got notification yesterday that it was cancelled because of the weather forecast. So, what's a girl to do? I had off from work because of band, and no band because of the weather, so what's left? That's right, crafting!
To start the day, I looked out the back window and saw some lovely fall colors in the backyard. I love it when the trees turn different colors, especially from each other.

So, I worked on the bag for the Trick or Treat Swap. What a mess that turned out to be. I had found what I thought to be the cutest image, and when I went to iron it onto the bag, it was a disaster! So I painted over the spot that was made from the iron-on, and decided to sew a pocket over it. I carved a potato stamp of candy corns, and stamped the back of the bag. And that's what I did all day with the bag. Today was the day to send it out, and it wasn't ready. What a snafu!

While the paint was drying on the bag, I did assorted stuff for the Silver Bella swaps that I still need to complete. I wrote out some recipe cards and cut out envelopes for the Sweetest Things Recipe Swap, and cut out bases for the Under the Bigtop Fat Book Swap. Everything else I did was organizational, getting all of my stuff together for each swap.
Then, in the mail, I received this fun ATC from Mary in the Netherlands for the Birthday ATC Swap.

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