Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Boy, I Suck

And when I say I suck, I really mean it! The tote bag and goodies that I received from Carrie went way beyond what I expected! And way beyond what I was capable of doing. I am so completely unworthy. Just look at all the wonderful stuff that she sent!

Tons of candy, some decorations, and crafting supplies. I barely sent her a third of the amount of stuff that she sent me - and not nearly wrapped as prettily. I feel like I should just quit trying the swap thing. And I thought I had made some fun selections for her. I feel like I was sooo wrong.
Enough beating up on myself - for now. I also recived an ATC for the Birthday ATC Swap. It was from Dove in Virginia. She included a fun piece of stamped fabric, too.

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