Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yet Another Chocolate Recipe

Today's inbox held another recipe in the Chocolate Lover's Recipe Swap.

Bitter Chocolate tart with Irish Cream

Preparation Time 75 minutes
Cooking Time 25 minutes

Ingredients (serves 8)
75g butter
75g caster sugar
75g ground almonds
125g plain flour
Pinch of salt
2 tbs iced water, or more
300ml thickened or whipping cream
200g good quality dark chocolate, chopped
50g butter, chopped
2 tbs Carolans Irish CreamMethod

To make pastry, whiz butter, sugar, almonds, flour and salt in a food processor until smooth. With motor running, add water a spoonful at a time, until pastry clumps into a ball. Press into the base of a 20cm tart tin, working from the centre out, to cover base and up sides. Trim edges. Refrigerate for 1 hour. Heat oven to 180°C. Line tart with foil and weigh down with baking beans or pastry weights. Bake for 15 minutes, carefully remove beans and foil, then bake for a further 5-10 minutes until lightly golden. Cool.

To make filling, heat cream until just before boiling point, when it "trembles". Place chocolate in a heatproof bowl. Add cream, leave for 1 min, then mix well with a spatula. Add butter and stir until smooth. Stir in Carolans Irish Cream and pour into tart case. Leave in a level place to cool, then refrigerate for 3 hours before serving.

Notes & tips
Cooking: 25 mins + 3 hrs chilling
Fresh Living - 8 August 2005, Page 57

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